Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Name on the board

Owen went through a huge growth spurt in early January, which brought with it middle-of-the-night leg aches, clean-out-the-pantry hunger binges and a make-his-mother-scream-into-a-pillow defiant attitude.  But (hear me take a deep breath and let out a relieved sigh) I think we are finally on the other side of this one.

Owen has emerged 1 inch taller with some newfound skills - one of them writing.  It's still primitive, but he can now write his name.  Double-u's are his favorite.  Sometimes he gets going and just makes a whole mountain range of them.  E's are the hardest for him.  And he doesn't always pay attention to the order of the letters, so there are times when reading his name is like reading manga.  But today he only got a wee bit creative and put the n on top when he ran out of room.

Okay all you kindergarten principals and teachers and therapists and veteran parents out there.  How is he doing?


Jennifer said...

Can you teach him to write my name next???? xoxo

Rebecca Davenport said...

No me next! Beck Beck!!!

Shelley & Scott said...

I don't know. Both your names have 2 e's and he really isn't into writing those... Maybe change your name to Wowo and you're in!

Anonymous said...

I think he is doing great!!! Did you go and buy him new clothes?

BTW - DD would be easy to write!!