Sunday, June 26, 2011

First Movie

Who thought it would be a stellar idea to take a three-and-a-half-year-old to his first movie dead smack in the middle of his usual nap time?


Who fed him chocolate covered peanuts and peach rings all during the first half of the movie?


Who had to help free him when he his legs "slipped" through the crack in his theater seat, which then folded up on his torso and trapped him in a standing position?


Who has now seen only the first 103 of the 113 minutes of Cars 2?


Who got exactly what she deserved?

Oh yeah...  me.


Aunt Pam said...

This blog cracked me up! LOL Brad has taken his two one time to the movie and hasn't said if he is taking them again! When Owen grows up, I hope you save this post for him. It's great!

Coach said...

Your mom and I went to the movies yesterday and there was a huge line for kids to see Cars 2. We were thinking about if you were taking him or if you were going to wait until it came out on DVD. I guess we now know which choice you think you should have made. He did alright for his first movie. That is what I tell my kindergarten teachers all the time, "We have to teach them what they are supposed to do and how to behave." It was his first movie. He is a fast learner and he will learn. Maybe you can practice at home a little more and see how long he can sit and watch a movie. Remember, the students going in to school that do best are those who have had the most experiences in life and you and Scott are providing Owen with some of the best you can imagine: Italy, reading to him, building his oral language skills by the way you communicate with him, letting him play with other children as he learns to share and talk with them, etc. Keep up the great work as parents and you will have an awesome child.

Grandma DD said...

Ditto to what Ronnie said. We have an awesome grandson, son-in-love and DAUGHTER -- 3 of them in fact! Yes, Joe you too!!!!

Coach said...

The picture of him looks like he was doing fine at the time. Give him time and some maturity and he will be just fine. See you in a week.