Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Twenty years ago today Scott and I had our first date.

At the Crosby Pizza Hut.

Being the procrastinator he was, he asked me out on the last day of school my sophomore year. Being the femme fatale I was, I accepted but added that I had a doubleheader that same afternoon so I probably wouldn't smell very good. He said, "That's okay. I won't breathe."

We're going to celebrate tonight with an upgrade on the origin of our pizza.

*We had the inevitable fender bender today. A delivery truck in front of us at a red light tried to back up to make room for an oncoming vehicle and didn't see us behind him. Scott got out and, seeing only a few scratches on our license plate, exchanged shrugs and smiles with the other driver before we went on our way. I think Scott is pretty pleased with himself, as if he's passed initiation or something.

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Grandma DD said...

20 years???? OMG that made me feel old! Happy anniversary!!