Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Intergalactic Planetary*

Owen and I found a glow in the dark solar system at T.J.Maxx for  five bucks yesterday, and neither of us could resist.  I like that it still has Pluto.  No sun, but Pluto.

I sat on the floor and strung fishing wire through the planets and Scott stood on the bed to hang them from the air vent (yeah,  an air vent where a light fixture should be - love those 60s).  I was worried that Scott would step on one of them, so I made sure to tell him when I put another planet up on the bed.

Can you tell I'm setting you up for something?

Inevitably, these words left my mouth:  Careful where you step Scott, Uranus is next to your foot.

He liked that one.  He'd already been making Uranus jokes for about 20 minutes.

Where's Uranus Owen?
Are you sure you want me to hang Uranus from the ceiling Owen?
Owen, Uranus is purple.

Owen didn't get it.  Which was part of the fun for Scott I think.  So chime in.  You know you're itching to make an inappropriate joke too!

*Check the lyrics.  The Beastie Boys couldn't resist a reference to the 7th planet either.


Grandma DD said...

You know I love this but you won't catch me scratching this joke!!

Coach said...

I am like your mother and feel the best thing to do is to stay away from any comments concerning that topic. We do still have stars on the fan in Becky's room (but no longer on the ceiling).