Monday, June 13, 2011

Unscientific personality test

Which church interests you more?

Church A: One of the most beautiful churches in the world, iced with decoration in every single nook and cranny. Even the floors are considered priceless works of art. Some of the frescoes and sculptures inside are believed to have sparked entire artistic movements. On the downside, you must pay for the privilege to view it and share your experience with about a thousand other people.

Church B: An abandoned church in the countryside that you can have all to yourself. You discover its humble frescoes by picking your way through weeds and debris and peering through boarded up windows and doors. On the downside, you're trespassing and feel as if the wooden scaffolding holding it up could give way any minute.


Grandma DD said...

Church B for sure! I love the adventure and the thrill of possibly doing something wrong that isn't bad! LOL

Shelley & Scott said...

Man, I thought for sure I could draw out some lurkers with this one! I'll have to give the safe answer and say that I am grateful to have seen Church A at least once in my life, but the Church Bs have my heart.

Coach said...

Sorry I read this so late and I am not much help on your being able to draw any lurkers out on this. In church A, I love the beauty, but on the other hand I am not one for big crowds. I guess if I had to choose one it would be church B for the same reason I gave in church B. I love a quiet place to worship, but am a little concerned about getting caught in a foreign country for trespassing.