Thursday, June 30, 2011

Making Messes

This is what Owen was working on when I thought he was taking his afternoon rest yesterday.  Evidently he's gotten really good at tiptoeing around upstairs.  He helped himself to the contents of every drawer in our bedroom.  It reminds me of the Hidden Pictures page from a Highlights magazine.  Would you like to play?

Directions:  Find all the objects that no attentive parent would ever let a preschooler use as a toy.

This next mess was mom-sanctioned.  He spent over an HOUR (that's like the entire Pleistocene Age in 3yo time) stripping his crayons naked.

Maybe I should put him down for his afternoon nap with a Crayola 64 box.  That would be safer.


Grandma DD said...

This is a riot! Now you can ruin your muffin pan making crayon cakes for coloring. Do you remember doing that? We just bought Owen two books and one was Cars with hidden objects. We think so much alike! Love you all.

Coach said...

I guess there is some of all of us in Owen. He loves to jump right into things and see what makes it work and make a mess doing it and he sometimes does not like getting his hands or body dirty and wants things in order. See all of you soon, hoping the weather holds out for us.