Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Flying with Owen

Are you so excited you can't stand it?!  we were frequently asked before we left for Italy.  I usually responded by saying,  Let me get the 24+ hours of traveling with a 3-year-old behind me, and then I'll feel excited.  

But Owen was a pretty good traveller.  When the inevitable exhaustion descended, he became raw and unfiltered (the luxury of immaturity, right?).  So I wasn't too shocked when, about 10 hours into flying, he loudly announced his intentions to break the plane in half.  He then followed up his terroristic threat by passing out cold.

I'd done my research and brought lots of little toys wrapped in tissue paper like presents to dole out over the hours.  I had chopsticks for making snack time more fun.  Scott provided tech support with books and movies on the iPad and the Cupcake Maker app on his iPhone.  But the surprise ball Owen's Beck Beck and Uncle Joe made and mailed to him to take on the trip was the real winner.  The astronaut on top marked the beginning of the thread, and as Owen unwound the miles of yarn, he found stickers, rubber frogs and more space paraphernalia, which he kept and played with during our entire stay in Italy.  So clever!

And the yarn made for good times after we got home too.

Scott is a crazed swamp monster with a vacuum cleaner attachment, and Owen is defending himself with a ceramic swan.  

Umm.  Yeah.


Aunt Pam said...

That ball thing did look interesting. I can't imagine it had so many surprises in it! Glad that Owen did well on the plane. I know it was hard to keep him occupied. i know you are glad the flying part is over!

Grandma DD said...

Loved, loved, loved this post. WTG Beck Beck and Joe.

Coach said...

This just proves what I have known all along; all of my girls are so creative. Playing with the ball of string and games with his dad after returning home will make Owen more creative, too.