Saturday, June 18, 2011


This is an old photo, but it accurately captures how we're feeling this morning.  I get the prize for outsleeping Scott and Owen by 3 hours.  I dreamed I got up early.  That counts.

Our trip back was uneventful until we got within a few miles of Philadelphia yesterday afternoon.  We were trying to get on the ground before a big storm hit, but the airport closed a few minutes before we could land.  Then we didn't have enough fuel to circle, so we diverted to Atlantic City.  We finally came back to the Philly airport (and it's now very congested airspace) more than an hour later and got in line to land.  But when we were about 100 feet off the ground, we could feel the plane go full throttle and lift back up again.  Because the flight we were on originated in Germany, there were dozens and dozens of U.S. soldiers on board, and they all started laughing and cussing, saying we had been "pushed".  Turned out the plane that landed in front of us wasn't getting off the runway fast enough, so our pilot decided to abort.  He came on the intercom and said, "It's just one of those days, folks."

Owen's Mimi and Granddad picked us up from the Birmingham airport around 11 last night, and Owen was so happy to see them he insisted they sit next to him in the back seat of their own car for the drive home.  And when we pulled up to the house, we spied this sweet banner through our front windows.

Thanks H boys!  And N for the yummy chocolate chip banana muffins.  Only 5 of the original dozen remain.

So that's that!  Thanks for following us on our adventure.  There's lots more I wish I could have shared, so I'll try to find a way to make it sound just as interesting coming from a corner of my Alabama kitchen as it would have sounded coming from a Tuscan farm.


Grandma DD said...

I'm so glad there is someone around to make posters like we use to do. Makes me feel good. If I lived in B'ham I would have done something for you too. Welcome home. Much love to all of you.

Coach said...

Your mother would have had the banner for you and I would have had some flowers waiting for you as you landed. I would have figured out a gift for Scott and Owen as well.